MPK Productions,

With over 25 Years experience, specializing in Production, Media, Digital Marketing, Website hosting and building and Promotions, will ensure your event/production will have the quality it deserves.
Products: Speakers, LED Solutions, Cabling, Batteries, Cable Ties, Electrical and Gaff Tape, DVDs, Website hosting and development.

Services: Minor and major maintenance and repairs and replacements of all Technical equipment including computers, Mobile Phones, Venue PA and lighting systems, car audio. We also pride ourselves in setting up and operating any venues sound, Lighting and AV equipment for your event, We Also offer great services such as, MC/DJ (Digital Jockey) & Audio/Visual  Production and hire featuring your very own MC MIKE. we can also provide you with installations, training or simply any technical information you require.

Simply browse our website to see how we can help you,