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More Tech Tip Tuesdays

Here are some great tips for this week you can do immediately.

1. WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Affects +1 Million Sites

WordPress Plugin Vulnerability exposes publishers to full site takeover and threat of malicious downloads.

Here at MPK Productions we use EzyMarketer and are constantly warning our clients against using Wordpress when they ask us for our opinion.


In one word, "Security".

In Another word, "Hackers".


Mikes Note: EzyMarketer's Website Builder gives you sooooo much more security without the vulnerability of Wordpress Plugins!

2. 6 Kinds of Action Words Your Content Marketing Needs

If your brand is earning tons of web traffic but seems lean on conversions, you might need more action words in your content marketing.

Action words turn consumers from simple readers of your content into engaged potential customers.

So how do you start using them?

If you’re publishing content, you probably already are, but maybe not in the best way possible.

This guide will help. Have a look-see.


4. How The LinkedIn Algorithm Works & Optimizing For It

Build more Connections, land more clients, and grow your network with LinkedIn SEO. Here's how the LinkedIn algorithm works.


5. Dynamic Search Ads Explained & How Best to Use Them in Your Strategy

Dynamic search ads refer to a type of campaign that allows advertisers to capitalize on queries that might not have otherwise triggered their ads. They can be a great source for identifying new keyword options that you might not have otherwise found.


6. 10 Email Marketing Campaigns That Increase Customer Loyalty

Everyone loves growing their customer base.

With new customers comes new opportunities, new engagement, and new sales.

However, it costs 5 times more to attract new customers than to retain existing ones.

So, why aren’t more brands focusing on keeping their current customers happy and loyal?


7. How To Get Press for Your Startup: The Complete Guide

There’s nothing a startup (or any company) needs quite as much as press. We can pretend like press doesn’t matter after we have it, but until then it brings in traffic, users, social validation and legitimacy all at the same time. Those are things it’s hard to get enough of.


Well that’s it today, I hope you got some nuggets out of this and more importantly, you are inspired enough to implement what you have just learned. Afterall, “All of the Knowledge in the world is worthless without Action!”

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